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Halogen Torchiere Floor Lamp

Halogen Torchiere Floor Lamp

Halogen torchiere floor lamp are normally an excellent lighting fixtures ideas choice in many homes where owners want a modern look in any given small space in their homes. It is normally tall with a sleek style and it is designed in such a way that the bulb is located in a shallow bowl, positioned at the top of the lamp’s pole which directs the bright light upwards to the ceiling for a softer and indirect illumination in rooms.

Bright white light that is emitted by these┬átorchiere floor lamp make them very desirable to be used as a lighting choice for rooms with any reading or where close up works are taking place because the emitted light greatly reduce eye straining. They are also used mainly used in displaying artwork in show rooms since the bright light it emits accentuates photography and the painting details and colors. Another advantage of these lamp is that, it’s lighting also lasts longer normally twice the standard bulbs.

Its drawbacks range from it’s replacement costs being four times more than standard bulbs and the fact that the halogen torchiere floor lamp lighting fixtures options is normally kept away from any form of moisture given that any wetness may result the bulb to explode, destroying the entire lamp. They are also not used if there are no safety features meant to prevent any type of fire hazard.

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