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Epoxy Flooring Is The Best Garage Flooring Options

Epoxy Flooring Is The Best Garage Flooring Options

Are you fed up with ordinary paint that always stained by grease and oil from your garage spillages? Are you tired of spending hours trying to make your garage floor sparkling clean? Well, you don’t have to worry, we have a solution for you. Epoxy flooring is the best solution for you. It has a tough and durable effect when applied on your concrete floor and can be found in different colors. Moreover, epoxy floors allows you to clean easily leaving your floor sparkling clean.
How to paint a garage floor? First, you need to clean your concrete floor. You may need to use mild acid, a power floor scrubber and a vacuum cleaner to eradicate all grease and oil stains. On the second day, consider filling in all gaps on your floor followed by a first epoxy floor coating. Finally, after following the first and second procedures carefully, you may apply a final coat.
However, you should ensure that your floor is not damp, since a wet floor may not hold the epoxy coating. For new concrete floors, wait for 2 months until the floor has dried before coating it with epoxy. Lastly, always remove previous floor coats before applying epoxy.

What type of epoxy is ideal for your garage? Epoxy paints being tough resins are packed in three types: 100 % solid, solvent-based and water-based. These types must be well mixed to suit your flooring needs. You may consider applying solvent-based epoxies due to their easy floor adherence and cost friendly attributes.It is clear that epoxy painting is ideal for all your garage floors. You should consider applying one on your s today and you will enjoy cleaning it with ease.

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